Thursday, October 13, 2011

MBA Annual in Chicago

The 98th Annual Convention & Expo was highly attended this year, more foot traffic, meetings and vendors made for a great event in Chicago. There were many highlights to this years events and many of them were generating relationships, strengthening relationships and getting that one on one time that we see so little of with today's technology.

IDS learned that docs really are becoming a top commodity in the industry and many lenders are looking to doc prep's to integrate with their LOS and start creating sound document sets in minutes. The difference that IDS offers is the ability to customize any document set for any business and any scenario. We want to make the day-to-day tasks that seem so tedious an after thought, simple.

MBA Annual is always a great event that allows various mortgage bankers and mortgage professionals to network and learn more about how to improve our current industry. Hopefully from here on out things will start to get go on an upper ward climb.

Some highlights from the show:
  • The band Chicago
  • Chicago Marathon & Mortgage Bankers Conference- Lots of people
  • Protesters getting inside the Hyatt Regency
  • Many networking events and parties
  • The weather in Chicago
I  guess we will see everyone next year in Chicago.

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