Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Crazy Holiday with IDS- Marketing

Right about now many of you, our clients, have received this year's IDS Holiday card! You probably have also noticed that it is a little bit different than past years. This year the Marketing department (Tyler and Ali) wanted to showcase the many different personalities and job responsibilities here at IDS and let you get to know our many different employees and the people who help you each and every day. Throughout the next couple of weeks, I (Ali) will be telling you the story behind each picture. Today we will start with the brains behind the card, Tyler and Ali.

Tyler Sebresos: Marketing

All Tyler sees is IDS brand and he is the hair-brained marketing guy who wanted the photos to have a zany and funky feel to them this year. Tyler has been working at IDS for about six years and has always been the marketing guy. He has a wife and three kids and loves coaching and playing soccer.

Ali Linthorst: Communications (PR) & Marketing  

As for me Tyler says I am the "sophisticated journalist that can write her way into your heart and mind. She is such a good writer that she celebrates getting married this year to one of her special readers." I have been working at IDS for almost two years and I love what I do. I just got married in August and I love watching and playing sports, especially soccer and snowboarding.

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