Friday, December 23, 2011

A Crazy Holiday with IDS- Development

The IDS development team are genius when it comes to the software that makes idsDoc do exactly what it is suppose to do!

Brian Mitchell- Development
As the development manager Brian is concerned with client satisfaction when it comes to the idsDoc software. He is so focused on the development of idsDoc it was hard to even get him to leave his computer to take pictures!

Beckie Santos- Development
Beckie is our "it" developer and is queen of making things work! She also never fails to make everyone laugh and bring a fun outlook into the office

Nick Attebury- Development
Nick works it at IDS and outside of IDS charming his way into every ones hearts (all he has to do is wink and smile) and perfecting the software until he gets it exactly right!

Paul Smith- Development
Paul is the behind the scenes software guru. You might not speak with him on the phone everyday like our service representatives, but he is making you happy by updating and testing the software until it is exactly how you want it.

David Clegg- Development
David is our mastermind developer, not only does he know is way around all the coding for the idsDoc software, but he also knows his way around the Rubik's cube and exactly how to get the same colors all in the right place.

Melinda Wexler- Quality Assurance
Test, test and test! Melinda is our new Quality Assurance manager and she keeps everything and everyone in check when it comes to bugs in the software. Test, test and test that is what she is all about!

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