Friday, December 23, 2011

A Crazy Holiday with IDS- HR, Accounting & IT

Human Resources, Accounting and IT where would we be without them?

Shawn Gibson- Accounting
Shawn handles all the checks and accounts with care making his job one of the most important. Billing questions? Ask Shawn! With checks on his mind he will never get it wrong.

Cari Robinson- Human Resources
It may appear that Cari is the watching eyes of HR just waiting for us to be out of conduct, but actually she is warm and kind making it easy to approach her with anything we need.

Robert Anderson- I.S. Compliance
Name badges, locked computers and changed passwords, Robert keeps us all on our toes, making sure we are SAS 70 at all times. As controller of IDS SAS 70 Robert always has things ready for the audits that we have conducted.

John Limb- I.S. Security
John is our information systems security and he does a mighty fine job keeping everything and everyone out who shouldn't be in our system. Internet blocks, SPAM emails or problems with security just let John know and he will get the job done.

Landon Limb- Systems Tech
Landon keeps our computers running, our mouses working and phones ringing. As systems tech he is running around connecting cords, getting all wrapped up in our techy demands.

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