Friday, December 23, 2011

A Crazy Holiday with IDS- Service

IDS clients always comment on the excellent service that we provide and the knowledge that they provide them with everyday!

Tina Faucett- Service
As a customer service and interface specialist Tina often gets twirled up doing several things at once. Working with customers and LOS partners she gets it all done.

Haley Klinger- Service
Haley is the newest member to the customer service team and she is picking everything up very quickly. She gives our clients all the cheese they need to get everything right.

Sierra Boer- Service
Sierra is our go to girl for e-Sign and fulfillment. She keeps everything working and in check even on those long days filled with documents.

Alex Myers- Service/Project Manager
Alex is very tall and so is his to-do-list as an IDS Project Manager. Alex has been the project manager for about a year and he has checked off lots on his to-do-list.

Kyle Long- Service
Better act fast, not sure if this single guy will be on the market long. In case you were wondering the answer is yes, he does smell nice.

Melinda Peterson- Service
Melinda is an easy going gal, working out each customers problems and making everyone laugh. Her optimistic energy brightens up the office.

Jennette Williams- Service
Jennette is one cool girl and she keeps it cool while working with clients and getting to know them on a day to day basis. Don't worry she isn't as tough as she looks, she is fun, bubbly and loves football, especially the Packers!

Alecia Shaw- Service/Vendor Relations
Alecia does our Vendor Relations and is the IDS embodiment of caring service. Alecia is a hard worker and it pays off when clients compliment her on the work and service she provides.

Tanya Ottley- Service
Tanya is bright and bold! She performs at her highest and provides the best customer service. Her knowledge of interfaces and idsDoc makes her a key player to the service team.

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