Friday, December 23, 2011

A Crazy Holiday with IDS- Compliance

How time flies, there is only three days until Christmas and ten days until the new year! IDS wants to give you the opportunity to learn about the IDS family and the many different personalities we have! Today we will focus on the Compliance team: Rulon Doman, Clint Salisbury, David Pang and Tiffany Anderson.

Rulon Doman- Compliance
Rulon is our compliance super-genius extraordinaire. If your compliance doesn't "measure up" he can help you. Rulon has been keeping IDS customers compliant for many years and with out him and the rest of the compliance team we would be in big trouble! Oh yeah his wife is our Christmas card photographer, isn't she amazing?

David Pang- Legal
David is also apart of the compliance team and focuses a lot on the legal side of things. David passed the Bar test this year to practice law, When asked to bring in his certificate he got it half right, look closely, he brought in his certificate of "Bar" Tending, as he was a bartender while going through law school. Thanks to David and his legal contributions we have raised the bar of IDS Compliance.

Clint Salisbury- Legal
Along with David, Clint focuses on the legal side of things here at IDS. Clint went through some health issues this year including heart surgery. Everyone here at IDS is grateful for his overcoming this ordeal and making a full recovery. Clint always provides us with heartfelt legal counsel.

Tiffany Anderson- Investor Relations
Tiffany recently joined the compliance team and focuses on investor relations. Her keen knowledge of IDS and our customer base has made her a great asset to the team. The soon to be mom of two is always ready to help people out and lend a helping hand!

The IDS Compliance team is a huge part of IDS and one of the many reason why IDS is the best at what we do! Our customers success is our first priority and it always begins with being compliant.

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