Friday, December 23, 2011

A Crazy Holiday with IDS- Sales

All of the departments at IDS are the key to our success, even the Sales team! Without them where would we be? Each of them bring something very different to the table and they are all very good at what they do!

Matthew Mackey- Sales
Matt has been with IDS for over 14 years and has seen the growth and strength first hand! Matt is constantly answering his phone talking to clients and prospects making that lasting connection with so many of them! Busy at work and at home with four kids, Matt keeps on talking and doing what he does best, Sales.

Mark Mackey- Executive Vice President
This year Mark was made the IDS Executive Vice President and has done a great job. Mark's hard work and busy schedule at work and at home often cause his brow to wrinkle thinking of the next step to take. Keeping up with all of his clients, all of us and his family of five makes us wonder how he does it. 

Kortney Harward- Sales
Kortney seems to be doing it all lately, work and new mom! Kortney celebrates a new chapter in her life as a mother to new baby girl, Grace. The joys of motherhood and work are exactly how she likes it. Selling docs and changing diapers, Kortney has it all!

Alex Southworth- Telemarketing
Alex is the newest member to the IDS team and he has brought his telemarketing skills to the table. Even though telemarketing isn't all that glamorous, he sure is a whiz on the phone and is helping expand and educate people about IDS and what we have to offer.

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