Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meet an IDS Employee

Meet an IDS Employee

IDS Compliance: Clint Salisbury

Clint Salisbury has been working in the IDS Compliance department as In-House Counsel for three years. He enjoys working at IDS for a couple of reasons. One being the great management that IDS has and second he likes making sure IDS is compliant with state specific disclosures and making the state specific fields easy to understand for our clients. Clint and the compliance department have been a huge asset to IDS, especially during all the changes and regulations that have taken place.

Clint has five people in his family: Clint, his wife, Abby, and his three kids, Clay (12), Lydia (9) and Henry (7). One thing that Clint likes to do is cook for his family on Saturday nights and he can cook a pretty good baked ziti, which is a lot like lasagna. We might just have to get the recipe from him.

 At the end of February of this year, Clint got an infection of unknown origin that, in effect, attacked his aortic valve. In order to save his life, Clint had to have open-heart surgery. His aortic valve now comes from a cow. Clint was out of work for 3 months and gave everyone at IDS quite a scare. “I got aged a little bit last year, but thanks to good doctors and nurses and the love and support of many, I made it through,” said Clint. “I’m actually in better shape now than before I got sick and I don’t have to take any medications for my heart. I am truly fortunate.”

Clint’s favorite movie is A Beautiful Mind because it encourages him to be more understanding and sensitive to other people’s challenges.

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