Wednesday, January 4, 2012

3 Big Social Media Moments of 2011

The year 2011 saw many milestones in the world of social media. While some were more positive than others, one thing is for sure- the impact and involvement of social media is changing the way society interacts. Even the old fashioned, paper obsessed mortgage industry is investing more time and energy into the world of social media and all it has to offer. According to Search Dog Marketing there are 3 big social media moments, out of the countless others, that hold importance for Internet marketers and business owners. Feel free to share your comments on these and other big social media moments of 2011.

1. Google Launches Google+ Pages: Google finally joined the social media party, but definitely on their own terms. Google+ launched in 2011 and since then everyone has been in a rush to join and dominate this new network. It remains to be seen whether this social network will truly be useful to marketers, but it's definitely a nice tool to add to the arsenal and connect with friends.

2. Twitter Get $300 Million Investment From Saudi Prince: Just this month Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and his investment company, Kingdom Holding Company announced plans to invest millions into the micro-blogging site. Happy New Year Twitter!

3. Fox News Twitter Hack: After several alarming and unusual tweets were sent from the Fox News Twitter account, it became apparent that they were the victims of a malicious hack job. The tweets were false and claimed that President Obama was assassinated when he was actually spending time with his family.

Fox News released a statement confirming as much. Twitter accounts get hacked every other day, so that wasn't a huge shock. It's what the tweets said that blew everyone away. Although Fox promised to launch a full-scale investigation into how the hack took place, we all know that there is no escaping the wrath of hackers.

Even though none of these moments involve the mortgage industry it is just another testament that social media is a part of our everyday lives whether personal or professional. As the mortgage industry continues to embrace social media, we will continue to grow and succeed as an industry. Can you think of any big mortgage social media moments of 2011? Share your comments if you can think of any.

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