Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guest Blog: ProLender Solutions

This month’s guest blog comes from Alyssa Burley the Marketing Specialist and Graphic Designer at ProLender Solutions.

ProLender Solutions is an innovative paperless lending software that provides mortgage lenders with a comprehensive, easy to use software application designed to automate the backend process. A San Diego based company, ProLender was created in 2002 by seasoned mortgage software veterans with the goal of providing affordable software along with superior customer service.

With many shared business principles, IDS and ProLender have created a relationship based on simplicity, reliability, affordability, know-how and customer service. It is our team goal to work with our clients to modify and improve any step of the process that needs tweaking and enhancements.

Today Alyssa is sharing with our readers the advancements in Paperless Lending. check back each month to read our guest blog either from partners, clients or other vendors.

Advancements in Paperless Lending

 Advancements in paperless lending software are shaping the way lenders do business in 2012. Many lenders have discovered managing their loan files electronically offers significant advantages over the old paper file method.

 Utilizing a paperless lending system saves time and money. Quite simply, having all documents in an electronic format and accessible in one place eliminates wasted time spent looking for a physical document. Lenders also see a savings in their paper and printer ink costs because employees do not need to print or copy documents like they did previously. In the ProLender System, users can generate a Loan Approval and make it accessible both internally and online without printing a single page.

 Receiving documents is simplified with paperless lending software. Uploading a digital version of borrower documents ensures the processor and underwriter have access to important information as soon as it is submitted. There is no need for brokers or loan officers to email or mail documents anymore. In the ProLender System, individual document image files are uploaded via the web and automatically linked to the appropriate conditions on the loan. This allows the underwriter to quickly review and sign off a condition shortly after the document is uploaded into the system. Underwriters no longer have to rely on having a physical loan file in their hands to review documents. They can easily click a button on the condition screen and view the document at any time.

 “Document accessibility is highly important for an efficient workflow” said Kevin Roczey, President of ProLender Solutions, Inc. In 2009, ProLender Solutions launched its integrated Electronic Document Management (EDM) feature known as ImageCenter.

 The ImageCenter portion of the ProLender System is completely integrated, meaning all loan documents are linked to the specific loan and are accessible internally and online. When the broker or loan officer uploads a document to satisfy a condition, it is time and date-stamped automatically. So, the broker or loan officer can see the document has been submitted, reviewed and signed off in real-time. Brokers and loan officers can see what is happening on a loan without having to wait for the underwriter to send an updated Loan Approval.

Paperless lending software streamlines the lending process, including the Post-Closing function. Since all loan related documents are digitally archived within the system, shippers only need to select the pre-defined package they want to send to the investor. They no longer have to manually pull documents out of a physical file, package and ship them out. Paperless lending software can automatically parse the correct documents that need to be sent. This ensures shippers send all the required documents to the investor.

 Lenders looking to better manage their back-office, provide better service and simplify their document management should consider a paperless lending system. ProLender Solutions develops software used by mortgage lenders to manage back-office functions like underwriting, secondary marketing, closing, post-closing and loan-level accounting while integrating a paperless loan file.

 ProLender users enjoy an interface with IDS for Disclosures and Closing Documents. To learn more about the ProLender – IDS integration, watch a short video at . Contact the ProLender sales department at or (619) 258-3595 for a live online demonstration.

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