Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Four Ways to Incorporate Summer Trends Into Your Homes

Incorporating seasonal style into your home doesn't have to be an expensive or exhausting undertaking. Just a few changes can dramatically change the feel of your home, says West Elm Creative Director Vanessa Holden. And just in time for summer, here are four ways to brighten your home's look.

1.Bring the outside in: Summer is all about bring outside, but you can easily bring the outdoors in with natural materials, textures and light airy fabrics.

Some summer accents are natural wood pieces, woven baskets, sheer fabrics and nature inspired accents in prints or pillows.

Literally bringing the outdoors in can be another way to freshen up your home for the summer. Try terrariums, air plants or indoor herb gardens.

2.Coral crush: The hot hue for the summer? Coral of course! It’s a bright shade, so you can always start small. Coral is great on a throw pillow, duvet cover or bright rug.

You may be worried about what color to pair with coral. Coral looks especially great mixed with reflective finishes like lacquered wood or mirrors.

3.Small accents, big impact: Switching your design scheme for summer doesn’t mean all-new furniture or even a new coat of paint on the walls. Try bringing summer style into your house with affordable accents like pillows, throws or art. A single saturated dose of color can be as powerful as a floor-to-ceiling hue.

4.Do what you like: If you prefer muted colors or even brighter shades, your home can reflect that all year; there’s no reason to drastically change your d├ęcor based on season. Go with your gut, and do what you like.

Season trends will come and go, but our favorite homes are the ones that truly reflect their inhabitants. If you’re inspired by nature or the beach, there is no reason that your home shouldn’t reflect that year-round.

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