Monday, August 20, 2012

Forbes 12 Strange and Unusual Homes for Sale

Forbes 12 Strange and Unusual Homes for Sale
Among the millions for sale homes in the U.S., Forbes gathered a list of 12 proprieties deemed outrageous, unusual and in some cases, just plain strange. The homes range in price from $225,00 up to $13 million.

The Mushroom House
142 Park Road
Pittsford, NY
List Price: $1.1 Million

Frank Gehry’s Schnabel House
526 N. Carmelina Ave
Los Angeles, CA
List Price: $13 Million

Monolithic Dome Home
35 April Way
El Prado, NM
List Price: $225,000

Stone Castle
4720 Grosvenor Ave
The Bronx, NY
List Price: $2.99 Million

Floating Home
2369 Fairview Avenue E6
Seattle, WA
List Price: $3.45 Million

Desert Nomad House
6353 West Sweetwater Drive
Tucson, AZ
List Price: $975,000

Converted Church
459 40th Street 2
Lawrenceville, PA
List Price: $1.5 Million

Moroccan Palace
4 Rivercrest
Houston, TX
List Price: $8.9 Million

Sculpture Home
86 Sabino Gonzalez
Glorieta, NM
List Price: $1.68 Million

The World Residences at Sea
Ports around world v. Headquarters
Prices vary depending upon unit

Plum Residence
141 Sundance
Mountain Village, CO
List Price: $8.5 Million

M at Beekman Condo
345 East 50th Street
New York, NY
List Price: $1.7 Million

Out of these 12 strange and unusual house which one would you want to buy and live in?

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