Monday, August 13, 2012

Pinterest for PR Pros

Pinterest for PR Pros

Considering the mortgage industry has taken their sweet time to adapt to the forever evolving social media world, it might take some time for our industry to appreciate the true value of all things social media, especially the newest social kid on the block, Pinterest.

Yesterday I was able to listen in on a webinar about Pinterest and what it can do for a brand and a company.

If you are considering creating a Pinterest account for your company you should consider a few things before you start.

  1. Determine whether your business is a match for Pinterest
  2. Determine how you’re going to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website.   
  3. How are you going to keep Pinterest users interested?   
  4. How are you going to incorporate Pinterest into your overall campaign strategy?

Did you know that Pinterest has 7% of the membership that Twitter does, but produces nearly as much referral traffic?
This is an amazing statistic and goes to show that Pinterest users are a very proactive group, making them easy to engage, click to click, until they get to the original post.

In order to drive traffic to your site you can do several simple things. One is adding the 'pin it' button to your website and blog. This allows visitors to pin whatever is on your site to their pin boards, driving more traffic to your website. You can also link your Pinterest to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This allows you to promote your brand and company on all social channels. Add links in your description and add hash tags making your content more searchable directing traffic back to your site.

Another big thing that needs to be applied to your Pinterest account is using keywords. I know we have all heard about keywords and their benefits for SEO and that is exactly why using keywords, even on Pinterest, is good for your traffic.

You might be asking yourself how the mortgage industry is going to utilize Pinterest. We can use Pinterest to promote a lifestyle, your office lifestyle and your employees. It is great to showcase a personality on your Pinterest; this allows your followers to connect with you on a different level. You can create your personality around your brand, you can run contests, tell stories and showcase different items or ideas related to your industry.

For example IDS client 360 Mortgage Group who signed up for a company Pinterest account about five months ago has had a positive response to their Pinterest boards and has been able to grow their female fan base, drawing in an increased number of female mortgage brokers.

“At 360 we are always looking for new ways to take advantage of social media and we saw Pinterest as an increasingly popular social media source,” said 360 Mortgage Groups Social Media Coordinator and Editorial Writer Amy Elms.

360 Mortgage Group has already seen an increase of traffic particularly to their blog since using Pinterest and linking their followers directly to their blog and website.

“We always make sure to link our latest blog posts on Pinterest using an image that is related to the post. We have had a good amount of followers repin our blog posts on their own Pinterest boards, thereby increasing the number of people who view our blog,” said Elms.

According to Elms Pinterest is a great new resource in order to create a community between borrowers, brokers and fellow mortgage companies. Currently 360 is connected to more than a dozen other mortgage companies on Pinterest as well as a number of companies and individuals that focus on the mortgage industry or the housing market.

Make sure to check out the 360 Mortgage Group's Pinterest account for yourself.

Pinterest has proven to be a great way for those in the mortgage industry to fine new mortgage and housing-related articles, infographics, images and blog posts.

With free resources available at our fingertips, the mortgage industry is starting to catch on to the social media hype that continues to plague our daily lives with information. It is what you make it and we can all utilize social media to improve and create the communities throughout our industry.

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