Thursday, September 27, 2012

From Mortgage Technology Magazine: Finalist Named for Inaugural Lenders’ Choice MT Award

From Mortgage Technology Magazine: Finalist Named for Inaugural Lenders’ Choice MT Award

The 2012 Top Tech-Savvy Lenders and Servicers have voted and Mortgage Technology is pleased to announce the finalist for the first-ever Lenders’ Choice Award.

Draper, Utah-based International Document Services (IDS), Laguna Hills, Calif.-based QuestSoft and Sandy Spring, Ga.-based Xerox Mortgage Services received the top-three point totals in the survey of mortgage companies conducted by MT’s editorial staff and this year’s finalists.

The finalist that received the highest point total will be announced as the winner of the Lenders’ Choice Award at the 13th Annual Mortgage Technology Awards Ceremony on October 21 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago.

Voting was open to the lenders and servicers named to MT’s Top Tech-Savvy Lenders & Servicers list, released in the September issue of Mortgage Technology Magazine.

The Lenders’ Choice Award recognizes the technology provider that offers the best customer service, value proposition and overall user experience. Lenders and servicers were asked to rank their top three technology providers based on their combined evaluation of the three metrics.

Points were assigned to each vote—first, second and third place votes received three, two and one points, respectively. The judges then compiled the points totals derived from all the votes to select the finalists.

This year’s Lenders’ Choice Mortgage Technology Award is the first time in the history of the MT Awards that the finalists and winner of a category was decided by industry participants and technology users. The finalists for the 11 other MT Awards categories were determined by a panel comprised of Mortgage Technology’s editorial staff and announced in August. The judges also select the winners of those categories, which will also be revealed at the MT Awards Ceremony and published in a special edition of the magazine.

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