Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun With IDS: Tailgating

Here at IDS we believe in some fun while we are not at work and doing those fun things with our fellow co-workers. This is a new post that I will do once a week to let everyone know what fun we have here at IDS as a team.

Last week I told you about the Holy War that happens once a year in Utah during college football season: Brigham Young University vs. University of Utah. This is a big deal to most everyone who lives in Utah, has grown up in Utah and who has attended either school.

Three of our very own were able to attend the big tailgate at the University of Utah before kick off! They sure look like they had fun. Thanks for sharing Falon Gilson, Molly Terry and Kyle Long. Utah did end up winning the Holy War this year and we all look forward to rivalry week next season.

Tell us how your company has fun together!

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