Thursday, October 25, 2012

And The Winner Is....

On Sunday October 21st IDS attended the Mortgage Technology Awards Ceremony with our fellow nominees.

When it was time for the Lenders’ Choice award category, we had no idea what the outcome would be and would be happy with any of the winners. When our name was announced as the winners we burst into tears and were full of excitement and proud of the achievement.

This was the first year for the Lenders’ Choice category and Lenders and Servicers from the MT Top 50 Tech-Savvy list voted on the winner. IDS was nominated with fellow partners QuestSoft and Xerox Mortgage. The Lenders’ Choice award focused on customer service, user experience and technology.

The IDS mentality has always been about our customers experience and the knowledge they receive from our team and the technology that allows them to do their job quickly, efficiently and in compliance. This award goes to show that the service we provide to the industry has been beneficial for all those who use it.

“It is an honor to know that Lenders and Servicers recognize the excellent customer service, cutting edge technology and user experience that IDS provides through our system idsDoc,” said IDS Executive Vice President Mark Mackey.

“IDS wants to congratulate all the other Mortgage Technology award winners for 2012 and with them the best of luck in the upcoming new year,” added Mackey.

IDS wants to thank all of our clients for being loyal and standing by IDS and the services we provide. We could not have received this award without you and your help.


  1. We are glad to see you won. We voted for IDS!

  2. Congratulations on your award, IDS! We are so excited for you!!