Thursday, October 11, 2012

IDS & The Borrower Experience

How IDS Helps Lenders to Create a Positive Borrower Experience
In the last post, referring to MortgageOrb article Improving the Borrower’s Experience, there were five steps to achieve this goal.
The five steps were:
  1. Providing a consistent point of contact;
  2. Providing fast and accurate document viewing;
  3.  Providing up-to-date status information;
  4. Providing integrated electronic signature capabilities and
  5.  Providing access anywhere

IDS is helping lenders achieve these steps. Here at IDS our first priority is our clients and now that the borrower is a top priority with all the CFPB changes proposed we are here to help.

With idsDoc you will always be able to contact any of our customer service team to get exactly what you mean in a few minutes. Whether it is customizations, a new field or the look of your documents we are able to do that.

When it comes to giving your borrowers fast and accurate document viewing, IDS archives all the documents you need to show your borrowers and a secure way for them to log in and access the documents necessary. This is one step of the document process that is important to checking the documents for mistakes or changes that need to be made before closing.

Don’t worry about not being up-to-date on the status of a loan, IDS will always let you know what step of the process you are at and what you still need to do. This makes it easier for lenders to quickly know what to tell their borrowers and confirm the status of their loan.

E-Signatures seem to be the ‘it’ thing in the mortgage industry right now, especially when it comes to documents and the borrower’s signing. Who honestly use a pen and paper anymore? Well IDS can offer all your e-signing needs for free. Seamless signing process accessed directly from your LOS interface, step-by-step signing process, archived documents, and simple viewing for unsigned documents.

IDS wants to make lenders jobs easier, which will help them make a borrower’s experience more positive and less stressful. Lenders looking to update their document preparation vendor leave a comment. Also lenders let us know what your borrowers are looking for.

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