Thursday, October 4, 2012

IDS Employee- Beth Price

IDS Employee Beth Price: Customer Service Support Team
Beth and her cute boy Dexter!

Beth is one of the ‘noobies’ or so she says to the IDS support team. She has been working with IDS for eight months and is really becoming part of the team. Even though Beth is not related to anyone here at IDS she heard about the job from her cousin who is good friends with Alecia Shaw. Beth has come to find out that she has lots of connections here at IDS.
One of Beth’s favorite things about working at IDS is that this isn’t a job that she has to take home with her! Before IDS Beth was a teacher and that requires a lot of extra time after work is finished. Of course she also loves that this is a job that exercises her brain. Beth had instituted bagel Friday. What's better than having a delicious bagel every Friday!? Not much!
Beth lives with all boys! Oh Boy! Her husband Adam, two-year-old son Dexter and puppy Diesel. Her favorite food is… food, but she especially likes Mexican, Italian and American.
Once you get to know Beth you instantly fall in love with her bubbly personality and the fun that she brings to work. Some interesting things you might not know about Beth are that she has a scar on her lip from where a DUCK bit her. The duck was trying to steal her sandwich! She is also a ‘Navy brat’ and grew up all over the U.S. Her left pinky finger is shorter than the right one because the top of it got cut off in a door and was sewn back on, pretty gross Beth!
Beth’s favorite movies are Moulin Rouge, Labyrinth, and Nacho Libre, all great picks that everyone should see.
Beth has been a great addition to the IDS customer service support team. She has been a quick learner and has been great with IDS clients and partners.

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