Friday, November 2, 2012

Meet An IDS Employee

IDS Employee- Shawn Gibson

IDS employee Shawn Gibson has been working at IDS for a total of 12 years. He started at IDS in 1998 to 2002 and then again in 2004 to now. His favorite thing about working for IDS is the people he works with on a day to day basis. “Everybody is great,” says Gibson.

Shawn has five people in his family and one more due in April. His favorite food is not pizza, but home grown fruits and vegetable. Shawn loves to garden. He likes finding unusual plants and starting them from seeds. Some of his favorites are purple tomatoes (Carbon), cayenne peppers, basil and ground cherries. He has made several of us in the office taste those home grown cayenne peppers and they sure are spicy.

Some of Shawn’s other favorite things are:
  • Favorite movie: Back to Eden
  • Favorite Quote: "Just remember you're unique just like everybody else."
  • Favorite Activities: Anything with his family, gardening and hiking

Shawn has always been over the accounting department at IDS and now is doing the duties of Human Resources as well. Shawn is a great part of the team here at IDS.

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