Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Your Online Reputation

Last week at the SourceMedia Mortgage Technology Conference in Miami, Flordia there were several discussion regarding online presence in the industry, whether it be availability of online information, social media presence, or compliance educational and training tools. However, one discussion in particular stood out by me and that was the discussion hosted by Erin Lantz the Director of Mortgage Business at Zillow.

Lantz discussion was focused on how we can rethink our business for the next generation of buyers- pretty much the online, smart phone, tablet generation.

One point that she hit on was the rising importance of your online reputation and what it means for lenders, as well as us technology vendors. She stressed that online reputation is just as important as your offline reputation. Future and current customer have access to a lot of information about your company before they even set foot into your office to pursue your services. Because of this there are several diffrent public online forms rewarding and bringing down those who provide exceptional service and those who don't.

As lenders and service providers we need to use these reviews to our advantage. We need to know what people are saying about us and about our competitors online and on all social media platforms. This also gives us the opportunity to widen the recognition of the customer service you provide. Customer service can become very evident when something is expressed negatively. We can either go with it and respond in a helpful, knowledgeable and kind approach or we can go completely baslistic making our online reputation and company reputation fragile.

Our online presence is becoming more and more detremental to the success and recogonition of a company. Remember who your target market is and who will be using your services.

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