Thursday, January 24, 2013

IDS Interface: Calyx Point

IDS Interface: Calyx Point

The idsDoc and Calyx Point systems have a seamless interface with complete data transfer and many document controls from the LOS side. This works by selecting IDS Closing Documents or Initial Disclosures from within Point using the following menus:

Interfaces >> Closing Documents >> idsDoc Web>> Launch

As a member of the Calyx Network, IDS maintains constant monitoring of the Point program to ensure a seamless, up-to-date and effortless experience. As a result of the interface design, it is possible to map custom fields, view the IDS audit report, make changes using the vendor specific data page, and view the documents without leaving Point. The 1003 fields are also transferred, so the loan application can be included in your closing doc package. Ultimately, Point users gain an outstanding mortgage document connection with no additional add-ons, plug-ins, or website interface. 

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