Monday, May 20, 2013

Mortgage Network Testimonial

Mortgage Network
Mortgage Network, a well-established private mortgage banking company headquartered on the east coast, provides a variety of mortgage banking services from east to west. As one of the largest independent mortgage companies, Mortgage Network is dedicated to turn the complex process of buying a home, into one that is quite effortless; their commitment to quality customer service adds a personal touch to the lending process, which allows customer needs to come first.
In order to fulfill those needs, Mortgage Network consistently works to ensure compliance and customization throughout the mortgage loan process. As a way to increase both compliance and customization, Mortgage Network turned to International Document Services, Inc's idsDoc prep software, as it is IDS's specialization.
IDS Service
Mortgage Network's recent implementation of the idsDoc prep software has not only increased company savings, but improved the preservation of data integrity. Mortgage Network's Director of Operations Christine Terranova testifies of the increased efficiency and cost savings that idsDoc software provides:
“The IDS integration with our proprietary loan origination system has drastically improved the productivity of our staff,” Terranova explained. “Before, our closers could process four to five loans a day. Now, our closers are closing eight loans per day – and that includes initial reviews, HUD-1 reviews and all compliance checks. The integrated compliance features in idsDoc have also significantly reduced our costs because we’re not having to pay for a separate compliance check for each loan.”
Terranova also remarked on the benefit of custom docs being prepared within 24 hours and how this service is crucial to maintaining lender relationships as market conditions constantly change.
-- Kiley Elsberry


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