Monday, July 1, 2013

Dust Off Your Mission Statement!

The title "mission statement" is so overplayed with everyone proclaiming, "It's so important to have a mission statement!" You may even get tired of hearing about how important mission statements are when oftentimes the mission statement is created and then it is never heard from again. But the real importance of having a mission statement lies in bringing continued awareness to the employees and executives of the unchanging core purpose and focus of their company.

A mission statement, unless viewed frequently, can easily be forgotten, and loses the purpose for which it was created. So what is the purpose of having a mission statement?

There are a few:
  1. Knowing your company's core purpose and focus can positively influence day to day decisions, big or small
  2. Aids in crafting long term goals and strategies
  3. Briefly and concisely defines the company for potential consumers
  4. Prevents aimless actions of employees and executives
  5. Keeps your company moving forward
Having a mission statement alone will not guarantee these benefits. The mission statement must be reviewed often, not for the purpose of memorizing words, but to remind you of why you or your company does what it does. It is this constant awareness of the company's purpose and goals that will drive the employees and executives to work as a unified group.

Do you know what IDS's mission statement is? Find out on Wednesday!

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