Thursday, August 15, 2013

Evolution of idsDoc

idsDoc has come a long way from manual calculations and small scale customizations that characterized IDS, Inc., in its early stages of business. The advances in technology have allowed what used to take up to a day to accomplish (ordering and receiving a doc package), to be reduced to only seconds. Follow the idsDoc timeframe to see how idsDoc has evolved with the changes in technology.

1986-1994: Manual calculations, local delivery, Xerox printers

1995: DOS desktop software released, via floppy disks

1998: Windows desktop software available via CD-ROM, began use of FTP

The audit system and escrow calculation tool were both developed and introduced at this stage of idsDoc.

2000: idsDoc becomes web-based, use of e-mail

Once idsDoc became web-based, an assortment of tools and capabilities began to be developed. In succession and over the course of several years, the MERS registration tool was added, the 1003 was included, IDS began offering initial disclosure packages, the E-Sign Platform was released, and an optimized GUI called lightsout has been introduced.

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