Friday, December 20, 2013

IDS Christmas Party 2013

Last Saturday was our annual Christmas party! Every year we have a company party without fail, but we like to switch up what we do everytime. In the past we've raced go karts, had a comedian entertain us, a casino night, attended a play, and been under the spell of a hypnotist.
This year, our marketing team planned a night for us at Thanksgiving Point. It started with a fun Christmas game as people arrived, followed by a delicious dinner and dessert.


Then, we had an ugly Christmas sweater competition, which IDS clients knew about in advance. They came dressed to impress! The heads of the company nominated who they thought had the best ugly sweaters, and then they were brought to the front, and everyone voted for the winner.

The nominees
3rd place went to Alicia for decking out her sweater to the max, 2nd place went to Shawn, who's six year old daughter made his sweater, and the winner was... (drumroll please) David! He wore that lamp leg sweater with confidence. Congratulations to all our winners, who were rewarded with ugly sweater pins, and cash to go buy themselves something not-so-ugly.

Everyone who wore an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Goofy pose!
Next we did the white elephant exchange, which was hilarious to say the least. Some of the most memorable presents people brought were an iPad, still wrapped in it's packaging (which turned out to be fake, and fooled every single person in the room), a $100 check, and ironically enough, a white elephant make of white paper and a shoe box.

After that, clients were called up by department and chose their gifts from under the tree, which was their choice of color of a blanket with our IDS logo and a gift card to either Megaplex Theaters, Target, or Amazon.

We then bundled up in our coats, scarfs, and brand new blankets and headed out for either a carriage or trolley ride to go see the light show that Thanksgiving Point does every year. It was beautiful and the perfect way to bring on the Christmas spirit.

We love our employees and want them to know it! We hope this year's Christmas party did just that.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We're Shaking Up the Holidays!

We got a little creative this year for our holiday card...

And not only had pictures taken of us in our holiday costumes doing the Harlem Shake, but also had our very own Harlem Shake video made!

The costumes were strategically planned to include each holiday, and IDS employees showed up bright and early before a work day ready to film.

We like to call it "Shaking Up the Holidays," brought to you by the one and only IDS!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Directed by- Chad Braithwaite
Music- Harlem Shake
Starring- Falon Gilson
Instigated by- Santa Clause
Costumes by- Tyler Sebresos
Screenplay by- Kiley Elsberry
Acted by IDS Employees
Halloween// Cowboy- Jon Johnson
Easter// Easter Bunny- Matthew Mackey
Father's Day// Father- David Clement
Patriot Day//Fireman- Chase Andrizzi
Halloween// Gass Mask- Brittany Turnbow
Random// Green Morphsuit- Curt Doman
Chanukah// Mensch- Melinda Wexler
Harlem Shaker// Horse Head- Falon Gilson
Thanksgiving// Indian- Tina Faucett
Fouth of July- Lady Liberty- Cami Vail
St. Patrick's Day// Leprechaun- Mark Mackey
Mardi Gras// Parites- Kimberly Ekker, Wendy Davis
Christmas// Mrs. Clause- Molly Terry
Halloween// Napolean Dynamite- Rulon Doman
New Year's Eve// Partiers- Jason Hargis, Tamara Olsen
Winter Holidays// Penguin- Kiley Elsberry
Halloween// Predator- Daniel Miller
Christmas// Rudolph- Beth Price
Christmas// Santa Clause- Shawn Gibson
Labor Day// Sleeping Bag- Tyler Sebresos
Thanksgiving// Turkey- Beckie Santos
Groundhog Day// Weiner Dog- King Louie
Halloween// Witch- Cari Robinson

Friday, December 6, 2013

Blast from the Past: Christmas Card Style

Our Christmas cards have come a long way through the years.

The Marketing team here at IDS has taken the reins on the Christmas Card design the past few years and have come up with some pretty creative ideas...but none top what they did this year!

We CANNOT WAIT for you to see it. We're even a little nervous that we won't be able to top it next year...

Happy Holidays and watch for your Christmas card from us to you in the mail!

But until then, check out our past Christmas cards...








Don't miss our 2013 Christmas card debut! Coming your way soon.